MedRec Hospital

MedRec Hospital aims to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and achievable for rural India, transforming the landscape of medical accessibility

About Us


MedRec Hospital and research center is a multispeciality hospital located on the high streets of Jehanabad, Bihar. We are a team of professionals with a long-term goal to provide quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Our target population is rural India who has very limited access to seek basic medical treatment. We aim to provide centralized medical support and records to overcome this geographic and infrastructural limitation with an inter-organizational solution.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this centralized process are ease to access to your records, smooth transition if you wish to consult different doctors for the same ailment, and hassle-free navigation of your healthcare record.

Vision & Mission


MedRec : Lighting the Path to Accessible Healthcare in Rural India

Our Vision: A future where every village in India thrives with affordable, high-quality healthcare, no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. We believe health is a basic right, not a privilege, and we're bridging the gap between city hospitals and underserved rural communities

Our Mission: Building a sustainable healthcare ecosystem that empowers and uplifts rural communities. We'll achieve this by:

  • Reaching the Last Mile: Delivering primary care directly to villages through innovative telemedicine and community-run clinics.
  • Making Healthcare Affordable: Offering cost-effective solutions tailored to rural needs, minimizing financial barriers.
  • Investing in the Future: Empowering communities to take ownership of their health through education, training, and local partnerships.
  • Focus on Preventative Care: Utilizing artificial intelligence for emergency healthcare to prevent health issues and save lives effectively.
  • Our mission is to transcend boundaries, bridging the gap between urban-centric medical facilities and the underserved rural communities.

Join us in lighting the path to a healthier, more prosperous India. Invest in MedRec Hospital, and let's build a brighter future, one village at a time.



Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh is a tech expert who's spent 20 years in digital tech and over a decade in healthcare worldwide. His interest in healthcare started when he saw the challenges people faced in rural India, especially his own health, his children and grandmother's health struggles in Bihar. This led him to co-found MedRec Hospital with Urmila Singh.

Rajeev's vision goes beyond just building hospitals. He aims to establish over 50 hospitals with 100 beds each, strategically located in smaller cities and rural areas, reaching millions in need. In Bihar, he plans to create a flagship 500-bed hospital with a medical college to train future healthcare professionals.

He's not just constructing physical structures; Rajeev is creating innovative solutions. These include advanced telemedicine, centralizing healthcare records, utilizing Artificial Intelligence for preventive healthcare, saving the healthcare cost, employing drone technology for emergency healthcare in rural areas, and more.

MedRec isn't just a business to Rajeev; it's a commitment to ensure every Indian gets access to quality healthcare, regardless of where they live. With Rajeev leading the way, MedRec isn't just bridging the gap in healthcare; it's aiming for a future where everyone has the right to excellent healthcare services.


Urmila Singh

Urmila Singh, the mind behind MedRec Hospital, isn't from a medical background, but she's a tech expert. She made a big impact at big companies like Maersk, HP, and VMware before turning her attention to healthcare gaps in rural India. That's when she started MedRec Hospital, blending technology and care to help communities that often get left out, changing healthcare step by step in villages.

Currently serving as the director of MedRec Technologies, Urmila leads the India and UK teams at MedRec Technologies. Her recent venture includes joining forces with Rajeev Singh for the new initiative, MedRec Hospital. Together, their remarkable ambition and exceptional leadership aim to uplift healthcare accessibility across all corners, even in the most remote areas

Her motto, "Empowerment through Innovation; Healing through Technology," shows her determination to make the world healthier. It sums up MedRec's goal: to make sure everyone, no matter where they are, can get good healthcare.

Management Team


Parijat Chandra

Head of Policy Making, Employee Supervision and Origination

As the Organization Head of MedRec Hospital, Parijat Chandra is responsible for coordinating various departments and driving organizational improvement. With a strong healthcare management background, Parijat guides the hospital's strategic direction, keeping it in line with its core mission and vision.

Parijat also excels at handling employee matters and creating policies that maintain the hospital's high standards of excellence. His skills in personnel management, from hiring to performance appraisal, promote a professional and collaborative work environment among staff members.

Parijat Chandra's role as Organization Head, along with his involvement in employee management and policy making, showcases his vital role in MedRec Hospital's achievement as a leading healthcare provider in the region.


Santosh Singh

CEO, and Head of Operations

Santosh stands as the pivotal force propelling our hospital's achievements, steering its helm for the past year. With more than ten years of indispensable expertise in operational and marketing domains, complemented by a robust MBA foundation, Santosh embodies visionary leadership, central to our hospital's seamless operations, successful marketing strategies, and patient satisfaction. His strategic direction and unwavering dedication play a critical role in our ability to deliver uninterrupted, top-tier healthcare services, guaranteeing our patients consistent, high-quality care 24/7


Dr. Manoj Kumar

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Centre Head

Manoj Kumar is an experienced medical professional with a strong background in clinical leadership and healthcare management. With over 20 years in the medical field, Manoj has been instrumental in implementing best practices and improving patient care standards.

As CMO, he oversees the medical staff and ensures the highest quality of care for our patients. His commitment to medical excellence and his expertise in rural healthcare make him a pivotal member of the MedRec Hospital team.


Shweta Singh

HR and Hiring Manager

Shweta Singh plays a key role at MedRec Hospital as the HR and Hiring Manager. With her extensive experience in human resources management, Shweta oversees all aspects of recruitment, employee relations, and personnel development within the hospital.

Shweta is responsible for attracting, selecting, and onboarding top talent to ensure that MedRec Hospital maintains a skilled and dedicated workforce. She implements effective hiring strategies, conducts interviews, and collaborates with department heads to fulfill staffing needs across various departments.

Shweta's expertise extends beyond recruitment and employee management. She also plays a crucial role in developing and implementing HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legal regulations and industry standards.


Bhanu Pratap

Independent Director

Bhanu Pratap is an Independent Director at MedRec Hospital. He has an important role in the organization's governance structure, with a lot of expertise and insight. Bhanu has a remarkable background in patient safety, healthcare management and corporate governance and also expertise in new corporate technical skills which really helps to our MedRec hospital to glow with new technology. He has also taking care of MedRec Hospital Database management system.

Bhanu's role is essential in fostering transparency, accountability and ethical conduct within the hospital. He provides strategic direction and helps with decision-making processes that match the hospital's mission and long-term objectives. He helps MedRec Hospital to reduce the risks, enhance new opportunity. He follows best practices and is impartial. He maintains the hospital's reputation and always be a part of success. He is a key person of our MedRec Family.

Our Advisors

Dr. DJ Hamblin-Brown

Dr. DJ Hamblin-Brown

Founder, CEO & Clinical Safety Officer

Dr. DJ Hamblin-Brown provides us with mentorship and guidance on how to grow.

Dr. Hamblin-Brown qualified as a doctor in the UK in 1996 and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in London (FRCEM). With a background as an emergency physician in the NHS, DJ has also served in leadership development and advisory roles within healthcare organizations, promoting a balanced approach to compassionate and rigorous healthcare leadership.

He spent three years as the Vice-President of Medical Affairs at United Family Healthcare in Beijing, where he was responsible for the safety and quality of clinical activities across seven general hospitals and fourteen primary-care clinics. Prior to this, DJ was the Group Medical Director for Aspen Healthcare, overseeing operations for nine hospitals and clinics across the UK.

DJ has dedicated most of his career to tackling the challenges of improving healthcare.