General Internal Medicine & OPD


OPD refers to the Outpatient Department. However, in our hospital, OPD refers to the Outpatient Department of Internal Medicine.

The main treatments provided are Complete Checkups, Acute Illness Treatment, and Diet Counseling. Education and guidance on lifestyle-related disease prevention are also provided.

Treatment is flexible so it's possible to walk in without an appointment or make a reservation for another day if necessary.

Complete Checkups change depending on the needs of the patient, but it will typically include items such as blood pressure check, pulse rate check, bodyweight check, height/waist/hip measurements check, visual acuity test, neck circumference check, heart rate variability test, lung function test, CT scan of the abdomen, and so on.

Furthermore, our OPD at MedRec Hospital specializes to provide outpatient treatment for patients with acute illnesses such as cold, fever, cough, or gastroenteritis.

Our special features in the OPD are as follows:

  • Abdominal pain treatment
  • Acute pediatric illness treatment
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm checkup
  • Back-related symptoms treatment
  • Arm and leg symptoms treatment
  • Consultation on depression and stress from medical specialists
  • Health checkups with practical guidance
  • Guidance for smoking cessation and exercise promotion

We will keep you healthy by providing necessary consultations based on your health check results as well as guidance for your daily life, so please come to our OPD when you feel unwell.

Patients do not need to spend the night at our hospital and can go back home after receiving treatment.

Our OPD has comfortable waiting rooms for both adults and children, separated by curtains so that both parents and children feel relaxed throughout their treatments. Also, there are special rooms for families with small children (6 months to 1 year old) who are accompanied by their parents.

We provide almost all the daily medical equipment and injection services, including vaccinations free of charge. We also offer massages to help relieve tension in your shoulders and back, as well as hot packs for pain relief.

When you feel unwell and go to our OPD, you can relax and be assured of a comfortable treatment.

If you wish to seek a prescription for medication, you should leave your request in our pharmacist section. Our pharmacist will contact doctors for you and provide prescriptions accordingly.

We believe that any unwell person should be able to see a doctor without facing financial problems. Therefore, we offer consultation free of charge for temporarily unemployed patients.

We also offer free advice and counseling services to suit your needs. We will provide you with the necessary information and literature should you wish to seek advice on any medical problem, such as how to prevent heart diseases or cancer. This medical advice will then be printed in suitable languages for distribution at our OPD counter.

Patients can make an appointment on the phone or come to our center for consultation regarding various health problems throughout the week. After giving written consent, we can pass your information to selected medical specialists who are experts in certain illnesses, so you may be able to receive treatment more easily at a particular time and location.

The OPD provides full-time consultation for the following cases: Cough/cold, fever, rheumatism, gastric problem (including ulcer, colitis), hypertension and/or heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, and allied complications (eye check-up or eye treatment will be provided at our outpatient department). In any case, we may need to perform some clinical tests and/or provide medical treatment.

Please note that it is an offense if you engage in self-medication or self-prescription of medicine(s). You are also advised not to use more than 2 types of non-prescription medicine at any one time.

The prescriptions recommended by our specialized doctors can be easily bought from our pharmacy services in the same building. Hence, it is easy and convenient to process prescriptions, receive treatments, and purchase medicines.

We take pride in the ability of our staff to speak different languages such as Hindi as well as English. Our hospital is a great place if you want to have a comfortable experience during your stay at the hospital. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

In an emergency? Need help now?

We often sideline certain body symptoms and indications thinking them to be normal. However, then comes a moment, when things escalate and we require urgent care. MedRec’s aim is to provide this emergency service to people in rural areas, since the delay while reaching the city, might negatively impact.

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